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Mr pauli

hey Jarod, Kera, Anthony and Raymond!!!...hollar at your boy

Friday, November 27, 2009


hey mr is anthony

Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Thursday 19 November we went to see Auckland Zoo Animal's.
Every body was all excited. First we saw the Giraffes, they were eating leaves from the tree.
I was the map finder showing them were to go.
The rhino was cool, my favourite animal was the cheetah, the lion, tigers and the birds that we fed.
The tigers name is Oz and Molik and there are two more tigers.
The meer-cats were frightened, it was funny.
I showed them where the tunnel was, we all had fun.
When we saw the elephant, Room 3 and Room 5 seperated.
Jarods been to the zoo 5 times, this was Anthonys first time going to the zoo.
I showed anthony's favourite spider, its the tarantular.
Then we went to the zoo shop to get some ice cream and we all got an instant win.
When room 5 came, me and jarod adom were supervising the kids on the slide at the playground.
After that we came back to waimokoia.
When we came back from the zoo we had a game of sleeping lions in the vans.

By Kera Room3

zoo babies

1.what does endangered mean?close to exstinction.

2.why is wellington zoo important?wellington zoo breeds animals that are close to being exstinct.

3.where did cantik come from?country tarorga.

4.why did the cubs go to hamilton zoo?to help breed new families.

5.what is a habitat?where animals can live.

6.why do you think the tigers are being hunted?for there fur.

7.why are the red panders being split?around other parts of the world.

8.why are zoos moving animals around other zoos?so that they all get the same numbers of animals .

9.write down reasons why chinpanzees are endangered?pets, laborabory testing for food.

by Anthony

Room 3 & 5 at Auckland ZOO.

Yesterday rm3 and rm5 went to the zoo to learn about animals. we fed exotic birds. I'll tell you the animals we saw their were sealions, spiders, hippo, spider monkeys, rhinos, emu, kiwi, cheetah, lions, red panda, flam, lemur, pig, chicken, alligator, exotic birds, orangutan, otter, bamon, tortise, elephant, tarantula, zebra, spring bok, and thats all the animals we saw and had lunch and got ready to go to school for assembly at 3:00.

                                                                the end
                                                                by jarod

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The time of my life at Waimokoia

My life at waimokoia was bad for the first term. I was sent to waimokoia for stealing money off people and bullying. My favourite thing at waimokoia was going to Mt Albert wave pools, museum, zoo. I liked the trips to Omana to set the traps and put new bait in, thanks to Miss Bry for the dead possums and dead rats we saw.

Mr kee is sometimes funny but always dry, my behaviour has changed a lot and ' I MEAN A LOT'. My class is room 3, there are 6 classes. My  teachers name is Mr pauli, I like the way Mr Pauli  and Mr Pete has changed the way i deal with my own behaviour, by using my personal goals i can use it at my new school. My teacher lives around the corner from me in Manurewa, South Auckland.

If Waimokoia thinks you have worked really well, then they will try and integrate you back to your old school, but you will still be at Waimokoia but only for a short time. My best teacher is Mr Pauli and the staff members that im going to miss are Mrs Platt, Mrs Carolyn, Mr Kee, Mr Rob, Mr Bing, Mr Zeb, Mr Joe and Mr Pete and all the other staff and teachers. We have been to cave trips and the movies and valentines too.

I will remember Waimokoia for the rest of my life because i know i wouldnt of changed my behaviour if i didnt come here.

By Kera Room3

Hunua Falls- Kera, Mr Pauli, Jarod


When i came to Waimokoia i met my Case Workker her name is Mrs Gina. Mr kee and Mr Pauli is my teacher in Room 3. On the weekends, we go out or we stay here and play ps2 we go swimming and my best staff members is Mrs Gina, Mr Peter, Mr Zeb, Mr Bing, Mr Joe, Mr Rob, Mr Chris, Mrs Carolyn, Mrs Michele, Mrs Jane, Mrs Long.

I stay down south wing in Blue Cottage. The people in Room 3 Kera , Jarod , Raymond and Mr Pauli.  I haven`t been here that long to go back to my old school but for the time that i have been here i learnt more then i have at any other school. Thank you Mrs Gina,  Mr Pauli and Mrs Long, Mrs Platt for letting me be at Waimokoia school.

Thanks the guys in room 3 for being my best freinds at Waimokoia.

Anthony Room3
Anthony, Kera, Mr Pauli & Jarod.September 2009

My time at Waimokoia school

What i enjoyed about being in at Waimokoia and Room 3 was going out to the Pools,Omana,
Zoo,Museum and playing sports also making good choices, learningg more things rainforests, making new friends and playing against the staff .

Mr Kees has been the best teacher to me and Mr Joe, Mr Pauli, Mr Rob and Mr Joshua K are my best friends and my school friends are Kera, Bo, Bailey and Ethan.Mr John takes you to lunch if your good or do as your asked or doing your work in school and help people who need help.

When i get angry the the best staff to help me to calm down are Mr Pauli, Mrs Carolyn and Mr Pete.
My favourite things were the trips to the Nikau caves, it was scary in the caves but Anthony and Mr Pauli were the ones who helped me to overcome my fears in the cave.

I want to stay at the school because it is like home to me because they are kind to you when your upset or sad but I'm mostly sad because the school is shuting down and I've nearly been here for a whole year.

Im going to miss Waimokoia and Room 3 especially Mr Pauli who has helped me a lot with my work and my behaviour.

Thanks Waimokoia

Jarod Room3

Omana- Kera, Anthony, Mr Pauli & Jarod 2009


Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to make a cricket ball in samoa.

Where does the rubber come from?
Latex tree
Write the meaning of latex?
Milky white liquid are found under bark of pulu tree.
Why is the morning the best time to get the rubber?
because you can peel off more.

First of all he mixes the latex with water to stop it getting to thick an sticky. Drag a sheet of corrugated iron into the sun and clean any dirt or dust. Use the brush from a the fibre of the coconut husk. Paint the latex evenly on to the the grooves corrugated iron. Leave the latex to dry in the sun until it turns to rubber. Look for any type of rubber to make a small ball. Start peeling the rubber off the iron and wind it on the the small rubber untill you make a cricket ball to the size you want.  

By Kera Room3

How to make chocolate using Cocoa beans recipe

1.Put beans in a bucket of water (to dampen)
2.Cook beans on a open tray on a fire.
3.Drain water out of bucket and pour the soggy beans on the hot tray.
4.Stir beans untill most of beans a roasted.
5.Once roasted then peel skin off beans.
6.Seperate uncooked beans to roasted beans and the burnt beans.
7.Uncooked beans are put back to cook and roasted and burnt beans are crushed on a hot metal bowl untill its runny.(15 min max.)
8.Place placitic lunch bag inside a mug and pour the koko inside.
9.Put mug inside freezer for an hour a untill it is rock hard.
10.Bring mug outside the freezer and take plastic bag out for boiling or eating.     

                                   By Jarod


Monday, November 9, 2009


Actors: Bruce Willis and Rapha Mitchell

Director: Jonathan Mostow

Writers: Micheal Ferris

Genre: Action, Sci Fi, Thriller

The suurogates movie is about a doctor who creates a robot. The doctors son dies from an accident and his father all of a sudden wants to start using the robots against humans. At he end, all the robots die and the hero guy wins.
I enjoyed the movie so i recommend it for every body to watch.

Movie Review from Anthony Rm 3

Friday, November 6, 2009

cocoa tree

Today we learnt about how cocoa beans are cooked and how they get the nib out of the cocoa bean. Before you open the cocoa bean you cook the beans.then it turns into chocolate.  The Cocoa tree lives in countries near the equator.  Mr kee came into my class room to talk to us about what he done to make chocolate. He cut the top of a gas bottle off, cooked the cocoa beans in the gas bottle and mr kee hit them with a with a piston and steel pole.

By Anthony Room3

Cocoa beans
We learent about cocoa beans today.
We learent that cocoa is very hard to get.
It is made in Equador a preety cool name.
There is apart in the cocoa called the nib,this part is very sweet.
They leave the cocoa beans in the hot sun so it can dry.
When its ripened in the sun for up to 5 to 6 days, the longer it is in the sun the better.The cocoa tree will only make 50 to 60 pods a year.That is dumb.The pods are just a bit smaller then a rugby ball.Mr Kee said he made choclate with a car piston and he hit the beans with a steel poll.

by Raymond RM3

cocoa tree

Name: Cocoa tree.

Where: South America

Sweetest Part: Nib.

How its cooked: Roasted.

Fact: cocoa tree will grow 50-60 pods a year.

How long to dry for: Dried in the sun for 5 days.

Who created the method: Aztecs and Mayan people.

By Jarod Room 3

cocoa tree

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



First floor-forest floor
Second floor-understory
Third floor-canopy
Final floor- emergant layer
Jaguars look like leopards. jaguars are the largest species of cats. their are native to the western hemisphere.
Lizards bolong to the group known as reptiles.
Toucans are brightly marked and have large colourful bills
The owls are the order strigiformeres, comprising 200 exant birds of prey.
Butter flys-
A butterfly is an insect of the orderlepidoptera
by Kera

the day I went to my aunties in waikato hamilton

In the holidays i went to my aunties and when we got there my mum and auntie said to us that we were going to forlongs to get some games,bbq,tv set. My mum bought me a PSP and a game for my brother and when we got home i played in the rain.

The end

by Jarod

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kera & Mr Pauli painting the fence so its looking brand new!!

MR Kee Showing us that tagging is not cool!!

Room 3 Painting out grafitti @ Te Rakau Park, Pakuranga

What is 'fame'?

Room 3 went to Te Rakau Park to look at why people tag. Some people said for ‘Fame’, Tagging is not fame, Art is fame, Michael Jackson is fame.
A police officer came to our school. The police officer said that the police can arrest you for holding any kind marker pen at night time.

We painted off peoples tagging which was cool.
By Anthony Room 3 Blog



On Thursday 22 October we went to paint out the graffiti. Rooms One and Two had fun.
Barbra the manager explained what we were going to do, and what we need to do.
We painted the fence at Te Rakau park, we painted all the graffiti off using the colours yellow and dark green. We were only there for 30 minutes. I enjoyed painting off the tagging because it made feel good about our environment.
By Kera Room 3

Grafitti on our streets.

On Thursday 22 October
We went to Te Rakau Park in Pakuranga to paint over some tagging , the cool part was
painting the walls. Kera and Anthony came to help me and we all painted the walls and fences. It felt cool to paint over tagging because we are all cleaning up other peoples mess to help the enviroment beacause i know it wouldnt feel nice if someone tagged on my fence.

By Jarod Rm 3- Waimokoia School

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday 22 October.

Poison arrow frog by Jarod Room 3

Country: Brazil and Venezuela.
Eats: Fruit, flies and crickets.
Colour: Blue with black spots.
Family: Marbled milk frog and Thai tree frog.
Lives in: Rain forest
Why the funny name: Poison from their skin is used to rub onto their arrows to hunt down and kill animals.
Fact: blue poison arrow Frogs are endangered animals

hyper bole

A hyper bole is an exaggrated statement used to expressed astrong feeling or make a point.
it is not intened to be taken literally.
e.g a storm in a tea cup
Kera . Room 3
"I'm so hungry I can eat a horse".
"Geez my back weighs a ton".
"Daniel Carter kick's so high, i can't see the ball".
"My voice is so loud everyone can hear me from the staffroom".

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Photos

Omili getting ready to eat Damian & Joseph

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jarods similes

He is like a lion.

He is strong as a lion.

He is big as a lion.

He has a heart like a lion.

He can hunt like a lion.

He looks like a lion.

He has eyes like a lion.

He has blood like a lion.

He is dreadful as a lion.

Because I am a lion.

Written & Posted

By Jarod Brooke

Raven's Hard Work!!

1- Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal run .
2- Slowly,solwly,solwly the sun snak into the sea.
3- The snake sat on a slippery seat.
4- The crazy cat ran in to a car like a cow.
5- The master monkey run in to the mall like a mammoth.






Thursday, March 12, 2009

hey mr hill


Today i am going to see the earth race!!!!