Friday, October 30, 2009

Kera & Mr Pauli painting the fence so its looking brand new!!

MR Kee Showing us that tagging is not cool!!

Room 3 Painting out grafitti @ Te Rakau Park, Pakuranga

What is 'fame'?

Room 3 went to Te Rakau Park to look at why people tag. Some people said for ‘Fame’, Tagging is not fame, Art is fame, Michael Jackson is fame.
A police officer came to our school. The police officer said that the police can arrest you for holding any kind marker pen at night time.

We painted off peoples tagging which was cool.
By Anthony Room 3 Blog



On Thursday 22 October we went to paint out the graffiti. Rooms One and Two had fun.
Barbra the manager explained what we were going to do, and what we need to do.
We painted the fence at Te Rakau park, we painted all the graffiti off using the colours yellow and dark green. We were only there for 30 minutes. I enjoyed painting off the tagging because it made feel good about our environment.
By Kera Room 3

Grafitti on our streets.

On Thursday 22 October
We went to Te Rakau Park in Pakuranga to paint over some tagging , the cool part was
painting the walls. Kera and Anthony came to help me and we all painted the walls and fences. It felt cool to paint over tagging because we are all cleaning up other peoples mess to help the enviroment beacause i know it wouldnt feel nice if someone tagged on my fence.

By Jarod Rm 3- Waimokoia School

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday 22 October.

Poison arrow frog by Jarod Room 3

Country: Brazil and Venezuela.
Eats: Fruit, flies and crickets.
Colour: Blue with black spots.
Family: Marbled milk frog and Thai tree frog.
Lives in: Rain forest
Why the funny name: Poison from their skin is used to rub onto their arrows to hunt down and kill animals.
Fact: blue poison arrow Frogs are endangered animals

hyper bole

A hyper bole is an exaggrated statement used to expressed astrong feeling or make a point.
it is not intened to be taken literally.
e.g a storm in a tea cup
Kera . Room 3
"I'm so hungry I can eat a horse".
"Geez my back weighs a ton".
"Daniel Carter kick's so high, i can't see the ball".
"My voice is so loud everyone can hear me from the staffroom".