Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to make chocolate using Cocoa beans recipe

1.Put beans in a bucket of water (to dampen)
2.Cook beans on a open tray on a fire.
3.Drain water out of bucket and pour the soggy beans on the hot tray.
4.Stir beans untill most of beans a roasted.
5.Once roasted then peel skin off beans.
6.Seperate uncooked beans to roasted beans and the burnt beans.
7.Uncooked beans are put back to cook and roasted and burnt beans are crushed on a hot metal bowl untill its runny.(15 min max.)
8.Place placitic lunch bag inside a mug and pour the koko inside.
9.Put mug inside freezer for an hour a untill it is rock hard.
10.Bring mug outside the freezer and take plastic bag out for boiling or eating.     

                                   By Jarod