Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to make a cricket ball in samoa.

Where does the rubber come from?
Latex tree
Write the meaning of latex?
Milky white liquid are found under bark of pulu tree.
Why is the morning the best time to get the rubber?
because you can peel off more.

First of all he mixes the latex with water to stop it getting to thick an sticky. Drag a sheet of corrugated iron into the sun and clean any dirt or dust. Use the brush from a the fibre of the coconut husk. Paint the latex evenly on to the the grooves corrugated iron. Leave the latex to dry in the sun until it turns to rubber. Look for any type of rubber to make a small ball. Start peeling the rubber off the iron and wind it on the the small rubber untill you make a cricket ball to the size you want.  

By Kera Room3