Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Thursday 19 November we went to see Auckland Zoo Animal's.
Every body was all excited. First we saw the Giraffes, they were eating leaves from the tree.
I was the map finder showing them were to go.
The rhino was cool, my favourite animal was the cheetah, the lion, tigers and the birds that we fed.
The tigers name is Oz and Molik and there are two more tigers.
The meer-cats were frightened, it was funny.
I showed them where the tunnel was, we all had fun.
When we saw the elephant, Room 3 and Room 5 seperated.
Jarods been to the zoo 5 times, this was Anthonys first time going to the zoo.
I showed anthony's favourite spider, its the tarantular.
Then we went to the zoo shop to get some ice cream and we all got an instant win.
When room 5 came, me and jarod adom were supervising the kids on the slide at the playground.
After that we came back to waimokoia.
When we came back from the zoo we had a game of sleeping lions in the vans.

By Kera Room3