Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My time at Waimokoia school

What i enjoyed about being in at Waimokoia and Room 3 was going out to the Pools,Omana,
Zoo,Museum and playing sports also making good choices, learningg more things rainforests, making new friends and playing against the staff .

Mr Kees has been the best teacher to me and Mr Joe, Mr Pauli, Mr Rob and Mr Joshua K are my best friends and my school friends are Kera, Bo, Bailey and Ethan.Mr John takes you to lunch if your good or do as your asked or doing your work in school and help people who need help.

When i get angry the the best staff to help me to calm down are Mr Pauli, Mrs Carolyn and Mr Pete.
My favourite things were the trips to the Nikau caves, it was scary in the caves but Anthony and Mr Pauli were the ones who helped me to overcome my fears in the cave.

I want to stay at the school because it is like home to me because they are kind to you when your upset or sad but I'm mostly sad because the school is shuting down and I've nearly been here for a whole year.

Im going to miss Waimokoia and Room 3 especially Mr Pauli who has helped me a lot with my work and my behaviour.

Thanks Waimokoia

Jarod Room3

Omana- Kera, Anthony, Mr Pauli & Jarod 2009



Belinda said...

Hi Jarod
Thanks for sharing your experiences about Waimokoia School. There are a lot of people who are very sad that the school is closing but it sounds like you will go away with many happy memories of interesting trips and fabulous teachers.