Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When i came to Waimokoia i met my Case Workker her name is Mrs Gina. Mr kee and Mr Pauli is my teacher in Room 3. On the weekends, we go out or we stay here and play ps2 we go swimming and my best staff members is Mrs Gina, Mr Peter, Mr Zeb, Mr Bing, Mr Joe, Mr Rob, Mr Chris, Mrs Carolyn, Mrs Michele, Mrs Jane, Mrs Long.

I stay down south wing in Blue Cottage. The people in Room 3 Kera , Jarod , Raymond and Mr Pauli.  I haven`t been here that long to go back to my old school but for the time that i have been here i learnt more then i have at any other school. Thank you Mrs Gina,  Mr Pauli and Mrs Long, Mrs Platt for letting me be at Waimokoia school.

Thanks the guys in room 3 for being my best freinds at Waimokoia.

Anthony Room3
Anthony, Kera, Mr Pauli & Jarod.September 2009


Belinda said...

Hi Anthony
It sounds like you have been very lucky to be at Waimokoia and have done some very cool things. It's a shame that you couldn't stay longer but I'm sure you will never forget the time you have had there.