Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The time of my life at Waimokoia

My life at waimokoia was bad for the first term. I was sent to waimokoia for stealing money off people and bullying. My favourite thing at waimokoia was going to Mt Albert wave pools, museum, zoo. I liked the trips to Omana to set the traps and put new bait in, thanks to Miss Bry for the dead possums and dead rats we saw.

Mr kee is sometimes funny but always dry, my behaviour has changed a lot and ' I MEAN A LOT'. My class is room 3, there are 6 classes. My  teachers name is Mr pauli, I like the way Mr Pauli  and Mr Pete has changed the way i deal with my own behaviour, by using my personal goals i can use it at my new school. My teacher lives around the corner from me in Manurewa, South Auckland.

If Waimokoia thinks you have worked really well, then they will try and integrate you back to your old school, but you will still be at Waimokoia but only for a short time. My best teacher is Mr Pauli and the staff members that im going to miss are Mrs Platt, Mrs Carolyn, Mr Kee, Mr Rob, Mr Bing, Mr Zeb, Mr Joe and Mr Pete and all the other staff and teachers. We have been to cave trips and the movies and valentines too.

I will remember Waimokoia for the rest of my life because i know i wouldnt of changed my behaviour if i didnt come here.

By Kera Room3

Hunua Falls- Kera, Mr Pauli, Jarod


Belinda said...

Dear Kera
Thanks for sharing your inspiring story about your time at Waimokoia School with us. The people who care about you must be very proud of what you have achieved including the wonderful Mr Pauli.